That's what you need to know about the pregnancy of a cat

A pregnancy is usually a joyous event, but it can also bring some difficulties. These things you should know about a cat's pregnancy.

While a cat is mobile, it can lead to a pregnancy. Mostly the pregnancy can be determined after about three weeks. The safest way to do this is with an ultrasound. You yourself should be careful with the keys: you could hurt your pregnant cat or the boys. Enlarged and pink colored teats are a good indicator of pregnancy.

Pregnancy: This happens in the womb

However, the embryo in the belly of the pregnant cat is formed much earlier: two to three days after fertilization, the cell divides for the first time. The daughter cells also share more and more. After about two weeks, the resulting embryo nests in the uterus. He is about two times three millimeters tall at this time only. After four weeks of pregnancy, all organs and body parts of the kittens are present at least in their system. The gestation of a cat lasts about 63 to 65 days.

The pregnant cat needs rest and a lot of food

It is important that you leave the expectant cat mother as far as possible. Especially shortly before birth, you should give her as much as possible retreat. Because she will probably try to build "nests" where she can give birth to her babies.

Throughout the pregnancy it is important that the cat gets enough and above all high quality food. Their need for nutrients such as calcium and vitamin A is now particularly high.

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