The command "Come": This is how your dog learns it

The command "Come" is indispensable in dog training. If your dog is reliable, you can call him at any time, no matter how busy he is. To train him, you need some time, patience and a few dog snacks as a reward.

There are several ways to teach your dog the command "Come". It is particularly easy if you make the training playful, and thus convey to your four-legged friend what reaction you expect to receive.

The command "Come": The basics

It is important that the environment in which you practice with your dog is as calm as possible at the beginning, and that he is not distracted. This way, your dog can concentrate on you. It is practiced first with a long leash. To get the dog used to the command, let the leash hang and walk a few steps. Then suddenly change directions or walk a few steps backwards away from your four-legged friend without pulling on a leash - now say the name of your pet and the command "Come on!". Praise your dog extensively for every step he takes towards you so he knows this behavior is just right.

If your dog has arrived at your place, there is a treat, a game unit or something else fine for him: Your four-legged friend should finally learn that it is worthwhile to listen to your command. If your dog does not respond to your call, simply ignore it - under no circumstances should you punish him. Try again after a few minutes. Repeat the training in the next few days quietly up to three times each dog walk - until your dog finally understands that he should run to the command "Come" to you.

Intensify the training: That's how it works

If your dog understands the command in principle, you can do the exercise without a leash - for example, at home, if your dog is currently in another room. Think of different ways to reward him so that training for your four-legged friend never gets boring.

If everything goes well, you can go one step further. Use a long tracking leash to help you in case of emergency. Go outside with your dog and start the command "Come on!" to practice with a greater distance between you and your four-legged friend. Whether you are hiding behind a tree, sitting on a bench or running across a meadow, your dog should come to you immediately if you call him. Finally, he should eventually follow the command even without a leash.

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