People can learn from cats in terms of love

Not only do cats make their people happy, but they are also wonderful guides when it comes to love and relationships. Because the velvet paws know how to win the heart of a biped. What you can look up from the lovable fur noses, betrays these - not always quite serious - tips.

"Oh, love, why does it always have to be so complicated?" Many people think. It is also easier if you get inspired by cats. The Velcro balls are in no hurry to conquer the heart of their fancy or master, but take their favorite human being as he is, and do not be afraid to show their affection.

Do not rush: love takes time

Cats do not just give their hearts away, people just have to earn their affection. This usually does not happen overnight - love has to grow first. After all, it's a risk to put your trust in someone because of injury and disappointment. Make it your mistress and take your time to get to know and get to know the people of your choice.

Attention in the relationship is important

Cats show their people unmistakably when they cuddle, eat or go outside. You are calling for attention from you to take care of them. It also helps in the love between two people, if you clearly and unambiguously communicate what you want, but in turn pay attention to your partner. Like cats, people do not always say words or sounds when they are worried or busy. So pay attention to the body language and ask more often friendly, if you have the impression that your favorite person somewhere pushes the shoe.

Take a loved one as he is

In addition, cats do not try to change their humans, nor do they bend themselves. Cat training is not always easy as a result, but you can already show important limits to your kitty. For example, with patience and loving stubbornness, you can stop your cat from biting or scratching the sofa. Otherwise, it says: If it fits, then it fits, and if not, then not. Sometimes the chemistry between Miez and human simply does not work, but that does not mean that cats are basically not for you.

So it is in love: Sometimes the chemistry between two people just does not work, or the personalities do not fit together, so there are always misunderstandings and annoyances. This does not mean, however, that a relationship is basically not for you, just that it did not work out with that one person. When cats take their hearts off people, they are happy and do not look for the hair in the soup. They take their favorite human as he is.

Cats also need some space

From time to time, even the most cuddly tummy tiger needs some rest, pulls back for a nap or take a stroll through the garden to explore the world a little bit. People would never get the idea with the Fellnasen to blame the fluffy little sleepyheads and adventurers. In love relationships, this serenity can also contribute much to happiness and harmony to the partner's need for freedom and rest.

Love show through trifles

Finally, you should occasionally show your sweetheart through small gestures that you love and respect her or him. Cats master this art of trifles perfectly: A small Kopfstubser here, a soft-pruning legs there - or just lying down, to be petted and purr. Love can be so beautiful!

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