Dalmatian: You should pay attention to this when keeping

The Dalmatian is an intelligent, sporty and human-related dog. His attitude requires a healthy mediocrity between much attention from his person, exercise in the fresh air and diversified employment for the mind.

Dalmatians are fit, agile and enduring because they were once used to running alongside coaches to protect them from thieves and other enemies. Not only their running needs should therefore be taken into account in the attitude necessarily.

The Dalmatian: A dog for active families

The spotted four-legged friend feels most comfortable in a household in which there is a lot going on and in which he is not as alone as possible: in an active family, the Dalmatian is in good hands, especially if they are still in a house with a fenced garden lives.

Sleeping outside is not for the breeds of this breed. They have too thin coat and need the family connection very much. The preservation of his athletic stature should also play a role in the attitude of the Dalmatian. Make sure you eat healthy, well-balanced dog nutrition and do not overfeed your Dalmatian: Overweight, the born sports cannon feels uncomfortable.

Termination and Employment Need of the Dalmatian

The spotted four-legged friend needs at least two hours of exercise every day to be friendly and well-balanced. Long walks are great for him, but he is also a good companion when cycling, jogging and riding. He loves nature and should get a lot of variety in housing (which is not optimal for him). Sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the forest, sometimes in the mountains: That's how life makes life fun for the Dalmatian.

You can offer your four-legged friend, for example, the dog sport agility, or clicker training. But the classic Dalmi also loves classic games like sticks - as with so much: here's the mix!

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