Are cats allowed to eat rice?

Whether cats should receive rice in their feed, is hotly discussed among animal friends. Why exactly, we'll tell you here.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates and contains small amounts of nutrients such as vitamin B, magnesium and iron. Many keepers are unsure whether to feed rice to their cat, after all, it is a grain. And grain has a rather bad reputation, especially with cat owners.

Nonetheless, various small amounts of cat food preparations also rely on rice as a nutritional supplement. One thing is certain, rice is not poisonous for cats, but it is not particularly healthy.

Cat Food: What's in it for rice?

Rice advocates argue that rice in small amounts and in the cooked state can be quite useful for cats. The grain provides the animal with readily available energy in the form of complex carbohydrates. Cats that are very active and move a lot can therefore do an occasional portion of rice in the feed quite well.

But that's not all: Cooked rice is not only an ideal energy source, but also good as a light diet for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The fact is: In the digestive process, the grain binds water. Thus, rice is particularly suitable if the cat suffers from diarrhea, for example.

Crucial, as far as rice in cat food is concerned, however, is that the grain is served unsalted and was cooked in advance. The small grain is rich in starch and thus actually rather poorly digestible for cats. But when it is cooked, the starch is broken down and usable for the animal. That's exactly what the advocates of grain blends say.

Cat food: What speaks against rice?

By nature, cats are actually carnivores, which is why meat should account for most of the food. As a predator your digestive system is optimally prepared to process protein and fat-rich foods. So the energy they need is mostly derived from proteins and fats.

Rice, however, which is characterized by a high carbohydrate content, should be treated with caution, according to opponents of cereal mixtures. Because he is not designed for the digestion of the animal.

Rice in the cat food: yes or no?

In special life situations, it may be useful to resort to small amounts of rice as a relatively easily digestible cereal for the purpose of supplementing feed. If the animal suffers from diarrhea, cooked, unsalted rice can help.

Basically, however, a cat should be fed according to its digestive system. And that includes first and foremost proteins and fats.

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