Can cats eat bananas?

Sometimes, the food preferences of pets are surprising, but what should be on the menu? For example, can cats eat bananas or are they potentially harmful to them?

Dry or wet food and sometimes meat leftovers "cats usually get little fruit to eat. Is there more behind it? It is clear that bananas are not toxic to cats. But they are not particularly healthy either. This has to do with the digestive system of the animals.

Cats do not need carbohydrates

Although the banana has many valuable ingredients, it is less relevant to cats as food. But can cats eat bananas at all? Margaret Gate of the Feline Nutrition Foundation has set itself the task of teaching interested cat friends more about the healthy diet of their pet. While it may not hurt to feed a small portion of the fruit here and there, the high carbohydrate content of bananas can lead to health problems such as overweight or diabetes. Cats should eat no more than 2 percent carbohydrates a day.

Cats lack enzyme for vegetarian food

Bananas are not toxic to cats. If you want to feed your pet healthily, then you do not have to resort to the fruit department right away. Veterinarian Dr. Marcus G. Brown from the NOVA Cat Clinic in Virginia explains that cats are primarily carnivores and their entire organism is designed for them. They lack an enzyme to digest vegetarian food and thus derive health benefits. The good ingredients were lost so mostly.

No additions to a balanced diet

Gates recommends feeding cats with raw meat. She herself had a good experience with it. When the cats get high quality meat, they do not need vegetarian nutritional supplements such as vegetables, fruits or grains to keep the animals healthy. In nature, it is true that cats eat grass, fruits and Co., but this is more due to a personal preference than a lack of certain nutrients. In small quantities, vegetarian snacks are not harmful. When feeding, however, you should make sure that you do not use sprayed fruit or remove the shell.

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