Clever feeding bowls for your baby tiger

As soon as you feed your cat, is she slipping it down immediately and at lightning speed? The new, intelligent food bowls can help here. These different methods for clever feeding exist.

1. Gum cup with anti-loop nubs

With its green color, this Anti-Schling-Nap not only brings a dose of spring freshness to the house, but also helps your cat eat healthier food. The velvet paw has to fish out the food between the different sized nubs - so it eats automatically slower.

2. Clever forage hunting in the labyrinth

That's just how easy it is for your tummy tiger to get his food - that's what he has to do first. The food labyrinth appeals to your cat's various senses and encourages her to move the food around until it falls through the opening and she can eat it. The trick: You can adjust the size of the side openings.

3. Robust bowl with obstacles

Also, this cup with nubs prevents your cat from snapping the food down too fast. The heart-shaped obstacles gently cause the stubby tiger to eat more slowly and more carefully - so the stomach absorbs the food more gently and it is better digested.

4. Intelligent feeder

The practical feeder is programmable. Up to three meals a day can be set with times and exact amounts of food. So you can control the feeding of your velvet paw, even if you are not at home during the day.

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