Chronic and acute pancreatitis in dogs

Even in dogs, pancreatitis can be acute or chronic. While the symptoms are very similar in both cases, the chances of recovery are partly very different.

Both types of pancreatitis are very serious and must be treated by the veterinarian. German Shepherds, Schnauzers, Beagle, Collie and Cocker Spaniel are the most frequently affected. It is unclear what exactly causes the disease. According to some experts, certain medications are the cause as well as fatty food, infections or the consequences of an accident.

Good chances of recovery in acute pancreatitis

In acute pancreatitis, the symptoms of diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain occur very suddenly. Also, fever, flatulence or a tense abdominal wall may indicate the disease. If diagnosed and treated fast enough, lasting damage can be avoided or minimized. Therefore, it is very important that you present your four-legged friend as soon as possible to a veterinarian, if such symptoms occur - regardless of whether it is ultimately a disease of the pancreas behind it or not. If there is no treatment, circulatory problems occur, the dog can no longer take enough liquid from the food and in the worst case die.

Chronic pancreatitis

A chronic pancreatitis in dogs is when the disease occurs again or persists. It often follows the acute form. Since the organ can no longer secrete enough digestive enzymes, much of the food remains undigested, which can trigger abdominal discomfort. Also typical of chronic pancreatitis is that the animal is increasingly emaciated because it is no longer supplied with sufficient nutrients.

Treacherous is that dogs with chronic pancreatitis can be symptom-free for a long time between episodes, so you, as a keeper, may think your four-legged friend has conquered the disease. But stay alert! Incidentally, it is also possible that the disease is completely symptom-free. If the first effects then show up - the dog runs dry - it is usually already too late for a therapy.

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