Chronic pancreatitis in the cat

Chronic pancreatitis, also called pancreatitis, can severely affect a cat's body. For if a digestive organ can not properly perform its function, it quickly affects the entire organism.

The pancreas is one of the digestive organs. It forms digestive juices that split the food into its smallest ingredients. When this important digestive organ is inflamed, the entire digestive and metabolic process is disturbed, which can ultimately affect the entire body of the cat.

Chronic pancreatitis often follows an acute inflammation of the organ. Undetected, the disease progresses on and on and can lead to irreparable damage, because the sensitive glandular tissue dies from the permanent inflammation, which can end fatally in the worst case. If a pancreatitis is not detected in time, the course of the disease can no longer be stopped, but only slowed down and the symptoms are alleviated.

Causes of chronic pancreatitis

The causes of a chronic pancreatitis can not be reconstructed in most cases - this is mainly because the disease is usually diagnosed very late. Possible other triggers of pancreatitis may be physical, such as a car accident or severe hypothermia. Sometimes, chronic pancreatitis is also due to an infection caused by bacteria or viruses. Overweight and metabolic disorders can be additional risk factors. It is also possible that an undetected tumor closes the gland duct of the pancreas, causing inflammation.

Two forms of the disease

Veterinarians distinguish two forms of chronic pancreatitis. It can cause indigestion at regular intervals, such as diarrhea or vomiting, which subside in between. But there is also the unnoticed form of pancreatitis, which progresses without the cat showing symptoms. Only when the organ has been severely affected and has receded, the owners notice that something is wrong with their cat - for example, because it suddenly decreases sharply. In both cases, treatment of the cat with the veterinarian is unavoidable.

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