Chow-Chow: essence and character

His teddy-like appearance does not mean that the Chow-Chow has the character of a cuddly toy: this four-legged friend has his own mind and is known to be convinced of something, but not to force anything.

Smart, self-determined and alert, like the Chow-Chow, a good upbringing is fundamental to his posture. Anyone who convinces him from the very beginning with loving and gentle consistency to do what he wants to do, will get to know the four-legged friend from his best side.

The chow and his own character

For this dog, it is important to maintain a certain independence - almost like a cat, he likes to keep a certain freedom of decision. To be subordinate or forced to do something resists his nature. To educate him well anyway requires sensitivity, is difficult for dog connoisseurs and for beginners difficult.

In addition to his conspicuous stubbornness, this dog is also characterized by its tranquility. He can not be so quickly unbalanced, so that a well-behaved chow also gets along wonderfully with dogs experienced, lively children.

Peculiarities and peculiarities of this dog

The Chow is loyal and human-oriented, he is rather skeptical of strangers. He shows his vigilance above all else when it is dark outside, but he does not tend to bark. Anyone who goes for a walk with him will find this dog curious: he enjoys snooping around and looking at his environment on long tours.

Stress and rough treatment are very difficult to work with for these four-legged friends and, especially in dog training, they usually achieve the opposite of what should be achieved with them - so you should always treat them with calm and patience.

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