Chow-Chow: Tips for keeping the dog

The Chow-Chow is a versatile dog, whose multi-faceted character also makes a few special demands on the attitude. Inexperienced dog owners, this breed is only conditionally recommended.

First of all, the Chow-Chow needs enough space because of its size. A big city apartment, or even better, a house with a garden, are ideal for his attitude, because this dog loves to have his own territory. A garden should definitely have enough shady places, because in summer the Chow-Chow with its thick fur depends on it.

Busy the chow

As for cuddling and playing, this quadruped is only partially to inspire - much rather he just goes for a walk and needs a lot of exercise every day - his freewheeling is to be treated with caution, because a little hunting impetus should be included in this dog. A very good dog training and socialization is not only a must because of it, but also because of its wakefulness.

His rather stocky physique and thick coat make this dog not the optimal athlete - dog sports such as agility are therefore rather left to his fitter colleagues.

Very important for this dog: the grooming

Its dense, fluffy coat is one of the most eye-catching features of the chow and it needs a lot of care to keep it from getting tangled or matted. You should brush it thoroughly several times a week (at least two or three times) and be sure to plan this extra time before you buy it.

Nutritional supplementation for a healthy skin and a nice coat is also a very good idea in a dog with so much coat and helps him a lot during the change of coat.

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