Chinese Crested Dog: What's his character?

Small dog, big heart: The Chinese crested dog has a great character and hardly leaves an opportunity to show that he is full of love. You can adjust to the following features with the petite four-legged friend with the extraordinary hairstyle.

If you let yourself be distracted by the - maybe unusual - appearance of this dog, you will at least fall in love with him when he gets to know him. The kind-hearted little guy is affectionate, alert and always in a good mood.

Chinese Crested Dog: Family dog ​​and loyal friend

This loving four-legged friend would do anything for his owners and is in good hands with nice dog owners who care about the well-being of their little fur nose. Empathic and sensitive, he adapts to his favorite people, and proves their lives, what a faithful little soul he is. To spend as much time as possible with his two-legged friends is a matter close to his heart.

If he is well educated, socialized and treated in an appropriate and fair manner, he can rely on him in every situation - malignancy is not at all his nature. He is also very nice to children. It should be absolutely natural that the great trust and good-naturedness that this dog brings to mankind should never be used.

A playful, smart and lively character

Whether alone or with mum and dad: Playing makes this dog a lot of fun. He is also always happy when he is running around and is a small, if easily controllable, whirlwind on walks. Who wants to rehearse tricks or feats with the special four-legged friends from China, will also quickly notice how fast the smart little guy understands, and that he is happy with it, as long as he can spend time with his owner.

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