Catnip and valerian pillows for cats

Cozy, cuddly and great for playing: Catnip and valerian pillows are very popular with almost all cats. Nice that there is such a large selection of different colorful and sweet models.

1. Colorful and cozy: cuddly pillow with valerian

These small cuddly pillows are very good for cats to play with and cuddle with dimensions of 7.5 x 10 cm - and that is what most cats like to do thanks to the beguiling Baldriangeruchs. Tip: Always put the pillows away for a few days, so that they stay as exciting for cats as they are!

2. Catnip fun with linen and bells

Catnip, in German "Catnip", attracts four-legged friends with its special fragrance note. This linen set contains a mouse and a pillow to play with and usually convinces also cozy cats, which are otherwise rarely animate to play, with its qualities.

3. Especially sweet: valerian patchwork pillow

This cuddly pillow is not only very cute, but also very high quality. It is made by hand, so that no pillow is the other, and is filled with valerian root, catnip and spelled fur. With its dimensions of 36 x 18 x 5 cm, it is a whole lot larger than the others and therefore also suitable for large room tigers.

4. Knisters fun XXL: play role with valerian filling

For particularly playful cats, the valerian role play is a dream. In addition to the valerian filling, it also contains styrofoam beads that crackle when playing. Tempting is also the size of the toy, thanks to which the Stubentiger can handle it perfectly while holding the hind paws.

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