Canicross: The special jogging with the dog

Do you also wonder how to jog faster? Quite simple: let your dog pull you! Canicross is the name of the new pull dog sport, in which you let yourself be drawn by your four-legged friend. Here you can learn more about the special jogging with the dog.

Canicross originated from the Schlittenhundsport and does not have a great reputation in Germany. Here the pull dog sport is practically suitable for every dog, since everyone can learn the Canicross running. Incidentally, in addition, the human-dog friendship is strengthened.

That's how Canicross works

The pull dog sport is a cross country run in which bipeds and quadrupeds are connected by a flexible leash. This is up to two meters long and made especially for Canicross. The leading dog wears dog harnesses on one side, reminiscent of sled dog harnesses, and designed to keep your dog from being pinched and breathe well. On the other hand, the human being is connected to the dog via his harness, which goes over the back and looks like a weight-lifting belt. So the back running master or mistress has arm freedom and can jog better. In the video you can see how the sport works:

Canicross is actually a sport that is held in competitions. You can also run privately with your dog Canicross. A typical Canicross terrain is the forest. Dog sport, however, can be practiced anywhere in nature. It is important that you do not expect your dog to have outside temperatures above 18 degrees Celsius - this would burden the cardiovascular system too much, as the sport is quite exhausting and demanding. By the way, also for humans. With a dog in front, you can walk on average 4 km / h faster than usual, but at the same time something is relieved by pulling. Generally, the body is more demanding than is the case with normal jogging.

Train dog sports demand man and dog

Canicross appeals to the hunting drive of our fur noses. Well-trained dogs can not be distracted while running, so do not bum around and do not interact with other dogs. The commands "Pull!", "Next!", "Right!" and "links!" are the only words allowed under competitive conditions. The sport promotes the fitness and endurance of humans and dogs. In addition, the relationship between the two is strengthened, because you are constantly connected and running tuned to the other.

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