Cane Corso: Tips for Education

The education of a Cane Corso should be approached thoroughly and responsibly. Why the dog is in the best hands with experienced dog owners, and what special features should be considered when training with him, read here.

The powerful, up to 70 cm tall Cane Corso is a meek, quiet dog - yet mistakes in education can make living with him very difficult. It is very important that you start raising this breed at a very early age.

Cane Corso: The education begins even before moving in

If you want to give a Cane Corso a nice home, you should act responsibly even before moving in. Look in peace for a serious, good dog breeder. He should breed with healthy, character perfect animals, have a good reputation and offer the puppy a good nursery. Above all, the latter is important, because in the first weeks of their lives, the dogs make a lot of experiences that strengthen their character and prepare them for all sorts of life situations.

If the puppy is old enough to move in with you, it is your turn. At best, at this point in time, you have already determined, in consultation with the whole family, what your protege may and may not do in his new home. If you and your family give it to you lovingly and consistently from the beginning, you are the easiest to do it for yourself and yourself.

Special features of this breed: You should note that

In principle, the big dog from Italy brings with it many good qualities that make him a reliable dog for a corresponding promotion. He is calm, patient, tolerant and fond of children. He also enjoys learning quickly, provided that his attitude and treatment are always sound and appropriate to his race.

However consistent, you should always be patient and sensitive with your dog. The four-legged friend can not tolerate too hard handling - rather praise him in detail, so you can achieve much more. If you want to keep it as a family dog, do not promote its vigil and its protective drive. It is very important, however, to get used to him from an early age on humans, other animals and everyday situations, so that serenity becomes one of his greatest strengths. Do not hesitate to visit a dog school or work with a good dog trainer to get expert support.

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