Cane Corso: That's his nature

The Cane Corso - also called Italian mastiff - is a big, strong dog with a calm nature and a strong wake. Anyone who wants to acquire a representative of this breed should be well acquainted with the peculiarities of this breed.

Who gets to know a well behaved Cane Corso, will probably be surprised that the quiet dog is classified with the friendly nature in some German regions as Listenhund and thus as potentially dangerous. For experienced dog owners, the Cane Corso is a very pleasant character. In the wrong hands, however, his pronounced vigilance and protection can also develop into something negative.

Cane Corso: A keeper with passion

The strong four-legged friend from Italy is a loyal dog, who does not want to give up his owners from the side. On the other hand, he normally meets people he does not know, but rather disinterestedly. It may be different if the Cane Corso sees in them a threat to its owner, house or farm. He is a watchdog with body and soul and defends everything for which he sees himself responsible. Here it is up to its owners, with a very good education and socialization to make him a Verlasshund who trusts his master and always remains prudent.

In short, this dog needs experienced keepers who know how to promote only the best qualities of the dog from the beginning, while preventing unwanted behavior.

With good upbringing a lovable family dog

In the right hands, the Cane Corso is a child-friendly, patient and loyal dog. He loves petting and is easily educated if he is treated lovingly, consistently and fairly. He demonstrates his playful nature and his enthusiasm for work where he can: in romping, in dog sports and in responsible tasks such as training as a Schutzhund.

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