Cane Corso: peculiarities of the attitude

Anyone who would like to acquire a busy, large and watchful dog like the Cane Corso should not only be an experienced dog connoisseur, but should also be well informed about the optimal housing conditions of this breed. What does the dog need to be happy?

In some areas of Germany, the powerful Cane Corso is considered a list dog and is subject to strict posture rules, if he does not deal with these with a character test. Before purchasing a dog of this breed, you should therefore be well informed as to whether there are restrictions in your region for his attitude. If this is not the case, you should still pay attention to some peculiarities that brings the attitude of this special four-legged.

The Cane Corso needs a job

The Cane Corso is a real workhorse and loves to get busy. You make him happy when you play a lot with him and give him a task. Dog sports such as agility or obedience, for example, are great ways to keep him busy. But you can also visit the dog playground regularly with him or have him trained for a professional job - for example, as a search dog. A lot of exercise is also essential for the species-appropriate attitude of this breed. In addition, the dog but also a loving family connection is important. If you offer him all this, you have a quiet, reliable family dog ​​and a loyal companion.

Consider the protective and protective drive during the stance

In addition to their joy in work, this breed of dog is also characterized by a strong guard and protective drive. A sensitive education, socialization and a responsible handling of the dogs are therefore particularly important to make this four-legged friend a Verlasshund. If you want to keep a Cane Corso unattended in the garden, for example, it is recommended to secure the spout with a high fence and to attach a warning sign for unannounced visitors. Never forget that it is a matter of the heart of these four-legged friends to protect and defend house and farm - even if you have responsibly never purposefully promoted this property.

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