Camping with cat: Tips for the outdoor adventure

Travelers who want to have their baby tiger close by on holiday often choose camping with a cat. The holidays including animals in camper, tent or caravan bring many advantages, but also require a lot of knowledge and preparation.

Camping with a cat is like traveling with a child. You as a pet owner need to plan for an extra fellow traveler and decide if you can expect your furry companion the stressful change of environment. This not only means that you have to think of the luggage of the velvet paw, also place, arrival and attitude want to be well considered in advance.

Before the vacation

So it is important to clarify before the holidays, on which places at the destination, the camping with a cat is allowed. The quickest way to clarify this question with a short call to the groundsman. This will tell you whether it is generally possible to bring the animal, whether it is allowed to run free and if extra costs incurred.

Attitude in the caravan or freewheel?

This immediately turns into the next and for the camping trip elementary question: Should the cat just stay in the caravan or camper or tent and its awning? Are walks with the four-legged friends planned? Or can your cat possibly even move alone across the square?

In the latter case, you should always visit the same campsite, so that the tiger can get used to the environment. A cat flap on the caravan or awning also makes sense, so that your pet can return at any time. In addition, you should take a photo of your cat, if the velvet paw does not find the way home alone. If, on the other hand, the cat is only in the caravan and awning, the environment must be secured with cat latches against breakouts.

For any excursions with master or mistress a leash and crockery should be taken. It is important that the animal is used to the line guidance for several weeks before the trip.

Regardless of which type of accommodation you choose, you will need to equip your cat's collar with a sign, along with your address and telephone number. This way you can be notified by the Finder if the animal is lost.

Other helpful tips

If possible, ask the groundskeeper for the motorhome around a shady spot on the edge of the campsite. Your car and its cat must never stand in the sun for long, because the heat would damage the animal permanently. In addition, it is usually a bit quieter on the edge of the square and her tiger tiger can move more freely.

Visiting a veterinarian is also advisable before traveling with a cat. Ask them to check if all vaccinations are complete and have them refreshed if necessary. Remember: In addition to your fur nose, there could be other pets at the campsite where your cat may become infected with disease.

Packing list for camping with cat

When all these preparations and decisions have been made, it can almost start. To make sure your cat feels really good on holiday, you should still think of some souvenirs from the familiar four walls when packing. That must with:

● the usual basket or sleeping pillow

● one or two favorite toys

● bowls

● enough food

● litter box, litter and, if necessary, manure bag

● Transport box for the journey

● Tick protection

● sunscreen (depending on the season and coat of the cat)

● First aid kit for cats

● if necessary, leash and harness

● cat coat (depending on the season and breed of her cat)

● If necessary, cat lattice for windows

● papers of the cat (especially for traveling abroad)

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