Bye bye, Cat Hair: Four helpful tools

So slowly it starts again with the change of fur our Stubentiger and animal hair collect on the sofa, also carpets and garments. Here we would like to introduce you to a few tools with which you can tackle the fight against the fur plague particularly effectively.

1. For the sofa: Special brush with extra power

Problem area sofa: This special brush should help to free it from cat hair. Equipped with soft rubber knobs, it is gentle on your textiles and leaves pet hair still no chance: Lightning fast you can sweep them together, and then suck them up or sweep them together with the dustpan. Of course you can also use the helpful brush for carpets, upholstery, car seats and all other textiles.

2. For the clothes: The XXL lint roller

If you are dealing with a little more cat hair on your clothing every day, it will probably take forever to get rid of them with a normal lint roller or clothes brush. An extra lint roller for large surfaces is usually not only much more effective, but also saves time - so it pays to put on the XXL format. Replacement wheels are also available for the XXL lint roller.

3. For the apartment: Reinforcement for the vacuum cleaner

If the vacuum cleaner needs a little extra equipment to handle the domestic animal hair problem, an animal hair upholstery nozzle is a very good solution. You can put the practical nozzle, which is suitable for all textiles, including clothes, just like a normal vacuum cleaner nozzle on each vacuum cleaner tube and appreciate how easy it is to vacuum it.

4. If it has to go fast: The animal hair glove

The animal hair glove is also designed for cleaning textiles and is especially helpful when it comes to making some quick fixes or removing small areas of animal hair before the guests arrive. Its easy to use and you can even clean it in the washing machine.

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