Burmilla: A wonderful apartment cat

The Burmilla belongs to a rare breed of cats, which is known for its quiet, very pleasant character. Its characteristics make it well suited for housing in the home.

One of the most important things about the cat with the special coat color is that it is as little as possible on its own. She is very affectionate and cuddly and needs the closeness to humans and animals - who would like to buy a cat of this breed, so it should not hold as single cat if possible.

Fits well in families: The Burmilla

With its social nature, this lovable velvet paw is usually not only very compatible with other cats, but also with dogs, provided that the four-legged friends get used to each other early and expertly. Since she is patient and friendly with children, the Burmilla is also a good family cat, especially if her owners are a lot at home and have time for them.

Employment of the cat

Since the Persian-derived cat is calm and balanced, it does not need a lot of room to run around. The fact that the apartment is cat-safe, of course, is still important. Several opportunities for climbing and clawing should not be missed and also the daily playing units should not be neglected. Clever and docile as she is, she usually does not find it difficult to teach tricks. In Clickertraining, Cat Agility & Co., your owners will find an ideal way to make the everyday life of your Stubentiger varied.

Grooming and nutrition

The coat of the Burmilla does not need much care - but most of the breeders love to be brushed. Once a week, at least one nursing unit should be on the program. Since allergies may occasionally occur in this breed, you should pay attention to a particularly healthy, balanced diet of your cat.

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