Burmese cat: instructions for healthy eating

Lovers know: Burma cats are very special. In order for the elegant exotics to stay fit and healthy, you should look for a suitable and balanced diet †"because ready-made food alone is not enough.

Whether ticked tabby, silver or smoke: Burma cats not only conquer the heart of their owners thanks to their special coat colors, but also because of their special charm. If you want to do something good for your Burmese cat, you should definitely pay attention to the right diet, because only then does the velvet paw remain healthy and fit.

Ready-made food is often too one-sided

Incorrect or one-sided nutrition can lead to kidney problems, urinary tract disorders or weight problems in your Burma cat in the worst case. The reason for this is often the composition of ready-made food: it usually contains little protein and plenty of carbohydrates. Frequently vegetable or industrial fat is added to the feed. Cats are dependent on high-quality animal fats and oils. Keep in mind that your pet is actually a predator and therefore needs a varied diet. In nature, a cat eats not only the flesh of the killed prey, but also eats the offal, the chyme and some of the bones †"all important nutrient suppliers.

You can feed this

A well-balanced diet for your Burmese cat also means that you need to feed. A good diet for your pet should therefore consist of two-thirds of raw and cooked meat (beef, poultry and game) or fish. The rest is so-called feed and can for example be composed of cereal products. The important thing about kitten nutrition is that it must be egg-rich and not contain too much fat or carbohydrates.

Is Barfen right?

Biodegradable organic raw meat, Barf for short, is very popular with some cat owners. This method is not the right one for everyone. If you are thinking about cooking your cat, be sure to check it out in advance. Because even with this method, it is important to address the dietary needs of your Burma cat. This is not only high-quality muscle meat in the feeding bowl, but also offal and bone and some vegetables. If necessary, vitamin and mineral supplements have to be fed in order to provide your velvet paw all around with suitable nutrients.

Which treats are suitable?

If you want to spice up the diet of your Burma cat in between, you can now and then offer small portions of cream quark, cottage cheese or yogurt. Baby glasses with biorind or organic chicken are also suitable as a snack. However, they do not provide a wholesome meal as their protein content is quite low. Also yeast or cheese liqueur bring variety in the diet. For older Burmese cats, the veterinarian may prescribe a paste that contains nutrients such as calcium, taurine, and various Schüler salts.

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