Burma Cat: story of the beautiful Exotine

The beautiful Burma cat comes from today's Myanmar north of Thailand. The story of the velvet paws takes us from California to Europe.

Not least because of their friendly and human-oriented nature, the Burma cat is one of the most popular breeds. Their story begins in the 1930s, when an American psychiatrist brings one of those beautiful cats from Burmese Burma - now Myanmar - to San Francisco, California. The velvet paw named Wong Mau was not a Siamese cat. Joseph Thompson and his colleagues first assumed, but a crossing of the breed with a native in Myanmar species. This is how the exotic Burma originated.

Burma Cat: Different breed standards

In 1936, the beautiful cat breed was officially recognized. In the 1950s and 60s, she was then increasingly exported to Britain, where her own breeding was born. However, the breed standard between the USA, Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand varies very much. A European-bred Burmese cat is generally not recognized in the US, Australia and New Zealand. Since 1970, the Orientalin is also bred in Germany and belongs since then to the most popular domestic animals.

History and color development

Since the beginning of the history of the Burmese cat, ten recognized colors of the velvet paw have developed. The first Burma Wong Mau had a coat color similar to the Siamese cat - probably "Chocolate". In addition, there are the beautiful breed cats today, including in "blue", "cream", "red" and "Lilac".

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