Exercises for lunging with the dog

When lunging, your dog will always run in a circle around you - just like horses, but without a long leash. You can do different exercises with your four-legged friend. This training improves the understanding between you and your favorite.

Similar to training with horses, your dog walks around in a circle while lunging. However, do not keep him on a leash, but guide him with commands or gestures. This dog training with Clicker works very well. If you provide a variety of exercises for a change, your four-legged friend will enjoy the workout for a long time.

Lunge for fitness

When lunging you can train your four-legged friend in a relatively small space very well. So, if you do not have time for a long romp walk, just stand on a lawn in the park and do some dynamic exercises with your pet: for example, if your dog commands the commands, you can always open it up quickly Command change the direction or increase or decrease the speed. If you and your dog have experience with agility, you can combine both training methods and set up agility devices along the circle.

How to train while lungeing commands

Also, to repeat or re-learn certain basic commands, lunging is very well suited. For example, have your dog stop over and over, and then give him commands such as "seat" or "seat." You can also call him to the circle and then send him back to the edge. These exercises increase his concentration and strengthen the connection between the two of you.

Bring in creative ideas

You can always come up with new games and exercises while lunging. Maybe there is a game that you often play with your darling and that can be transferred to the circle? For example, you can give your dog a ball to catch while running. If he can do that, of course, there will be a special reward.

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