Bullmastiff: Particularities in education

The education of a bullmastiff requires meticulousness and dog experience. As with any dog, the first steps in the grower begin with socialization - so from the beginning you should pay attention to some important things.

That your Bullmastiff was well socialized is a must. Choose your dog breeder with care and do not hesitate to ask him questions. With such a large, watchful dog with protection drive is even more important than other dogs, that his experiences as a puppy optimally prepare him to become a reliable four-legged friend. If the dog moves in with you, take over the further education.

Young Bullmastiff: Tips for Education

Her puppy is smart and docile, but also very independent by nature and a bit stubborn. Convince him gently, amicably and without stress and violence, that it is fun to work with you as a team. The affectionate four-legged friend is very receptive. Much praise should show him what behavior you welcome him. A consistent blocking of behaviors, which he should not get used to, show him, however, that you are the boss and set the rules.

Exercise and habituation make the dog reliable

Invest a lot of time in the phase where you get your dog used to everything. Other dogs of all sizes, foreign and known people, children, town and country: What your dog will learn as a puppy, he will stay familiar throughout his life. The dog should be accustomed from the beginning to be stroked by strangers, or to get a command like "seat".

In a dog with protective drive good experience with people are also irreplaceable. Having a dog school with the puppy is a good idea - especially if you still want guidance and support in one or the other thing.

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