Bronchitis in dogs: causes and symptoms

Dog bronchitis can be quickly abducted and in the worst case develop into pneumonia. It makes sense to know the symptoms and causes of the disease in case of suspicion quickly to the veterinarian.

If your dog has caught bronchitis, it means that the dog's airways are inflamed and often the windpipe is also affected. The triggers for it can be quite different.

Possible causes of bronchitis in the dog

Common causes of bronchitis are viruses or bacteria that enter the respiratory tract of the animal via the air. Parasites and fungi that affect the respiratory tract can also trigger the disease of the bronchi. If the disease occurs in spring or autumn, it is suspected that pollen or grasses have triggered it. Cigarette smoke, cleaning agents and other respiratory irritants can also promote the development of bronchitis. But how do you actually recognize them?

Recognize symptoms and see the vet

If your pet suddenly suffers from a cough, it could be that he has caught a bronchitis. Pressure on the trachea, for example when pulling on the collar, can make coughing worse. In the general condition, the respiratory disease is sometimes difficult to identify. Sick four-legged animals usually eat normally and show up even when playing and walking.

However, the dog disease runs with fever, the dog is weakened, sleeping a lot and may also suffer from loss of appetite. In severe cases, the owner may hear rattling breath sounds and an acceleration of the dog's respiratory rate.

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