To bring your cat "fit" with the clicker

If you want to teach your cat a simple trick like "sitting", you can combine it with the clicker. Start training in a quiet minute and be patient for a few days until the command is right.

Before you can teach your cat how to "sit down" while clicking, it must already be familiar with the basic principles of clicker training. Now you need some patience, time, a quiet room to practice, a few cat snacks and the usual Clickerutensilien.

Rehearsing "Sitz": That's how you start

Be sure to choose a good time for the beginning of your workout. Your cat should be focused on you and feel like playing. The clicker training with a velvet paw does not work over compulsion - it should be fun and therefore it is important that your Stubentiger is motivated. But how do you get the cat to sit down?

Cat snack and clicker signal

With a trick you make the cat to look up, because to do that better, she usually sits down. Placing a cat snack over your inquisitive tomb tiger is likely to make you sit down to focus on what's going on above him. While you are holding the treat, say "seat". Just at the moment your cat is sitting, a click and a treat follow.

After a few days, in which you repeat this exercise from time to time, try it without treats and only with the signal word and the clicker. If that does not work out, continue practicing with snacks and do not lose patience too quickly: sometimes it takes a while for the tomb tiger to understand what is required of them.

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