How to "sit down" your dog

If you want to teach your dog the "seat" command, turn to an important foundation of dog training. Before the workout can begin, you'll need a few snacks, a dog leash, a toy and a quiet, undisturbed place.

If you want to teach your dog the "seat" command, the easiest way is to playfully teach it to your dog. Also, always practice with him as long as your four-legged friend is fully engaged and can concentrate well. Each exercise session should end with a positive feeling.

Teach "seat" with the favorite toy

If you want to teach your dog "seat", first of all you pick up your favorite toy and ask your four-legged friend to play with it. During the game, you just steal it from time to time, and hold it about 50 cm above his head, so that he must sit down and raise his head to get it back into the view. Give the command "seat" (always with the same emphasis) as soon as the dog poop moves towards the ground. In this way, the animal connects the word with the (at first voluntary) action. Praise your dog as soon as he sits, so that he will be persuaded to talk to you next time.

Training with dog snacks

Even with treats you can practice well. Keep your pet on a leash and hold a dog snack over his head. If he wants to see him, he wants to lift his head and sit down. Again enter the command "seat". Once your dog has taken a seat, he gets the treat as a reward.

Your dog will learn this exercise to sit down, if you want it. And second, that listening to your commands is a good thing.

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