Boxer: 6 exciting facts about the breed

The boxer is one of the most versatile and lovable dog breeds. The muscular all-rounder is both an affectionate family dog ​​and an active companion and predestined for various tasks of a sporting utility dog. Here are six exciting facts about the playful four-legged friend.

The boxer looks with his strong stature and his self-confident appearance quite a bit scary. But those who deal with the great dog breed, quickly realizes that behind the medium-sized dog hides a very sweet, child-friendly and loyal fur nose. The boxer is almost the ideal family dog, provided he is properly challenged and busy.

1. Boxer has a moving past

The boxer goes back to the so-called Bullenbeisser of the Middle Ages. Especially in England, the brutal "sport" of bull biting, where dogs cut down a bull for the amusement of spectators, was a popular form of entertainment. The dogs used for this were partly the ancestors of today's boxer. By the way: The cruel animal battles were fortunately forbidden in England at the beginning of the 19th century.

2. From bull biter to working dog to family dog

The boxer has been bred in a uniform type since the end of the 19th century. He quickly made "career" as a hardworking and powerful working dog and was officially recognized as a service dog in 1924. Today, boxers are more like watchful, playful and spirited family and sports dogs.

3. Dog breed with a very long childhood

Boxers are among the dog breeds with the longest childhood. They are considered adults only when they are three years old. This is a very long puppy time in the dog world.

4. Therefore, the boxer has his name

Where did the boxer get his name from? This question can not be answered clearly. Some say it's the signature head shape that reminds of a boxing glove, others say it's the way he uses his front paws. And indeed: The four-legged are compared to most other dog breeds extremely paw-oriented and use specifically the front paws at every opportunity, so in the spirit of a boxer so.

5. Boxer: Act first, then think?

It is a small, funny slander: It is said to the boxer that sometimes he acts and then thinks thanks to his temperament and his enthusiasm. This is also related to his playfulness - he knows that the fun should often be in the foreground. Only a few of the four-legged friends are later serious in adulthood - the rogue in them never dies. However, this does not mean that the dogs are less attentive or less intelligent than others.

6. Boxers came to America after the Second World War

Not only in Europe, but also on the other side of the Atlantic, boxers are now very popular. Especially since the 1940s, the joy of the versatile four-legged friends grew greatly, as soldiers brought the animals from the war in Europe home. In 2015, they were ranked # 10 in America's most popular dog breeds.

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