Bobtail: Tips for the attitude

If you want to buy a bobtail, you should also consider whether to give it the right posture. Do you have a lot of space, time and desire to spend a lot of time with your pet?

The Bobtail is well suited for a position with a loving family connection. He loves people and is happy to have someone home as often as possible. In addition, he is incredibly kid-friendly. However, his owners should be dog-friendly and well versed with the gentle, consistent dog training. Because especially if the dog lives with children, of course, he must be top educated.

Attitude in the house: You should note that

The Bobtail is affectionate and likes to follow his best friends at every turn - so they bring a loyal fur nose into the house, which wants to spend a lot of time with you. Bear in mind that your dog's coat needs a lot of care and should be well disentangled and combed two to three times a week with a comb and a brush. Matted areas need to be pruned regularly and you should plan that your long-haired pet will still lose one or two hairs in your home. Moreover, it can take a while to get the woolly four-legged after a downpour to dry again: So he is not very easy-care.

Employ the Bobtail

The movement-happy dog ​​needs a lot of exercise and is really only suitable for the city, if you have plenty of time and the opportunity to drive with him into the countryside. He is a nature boy and has to be able to run and play. It is not enough for him to just go on a leash, he also wants to move and let off steam.

To be happy, the smart Bobtail also needs a job where he can show his intelligence. Whether dog dancing or agility: The main thing is that this four-legged friend is required. However, fun and games should not be neglected because they are very important to the spirited pet.

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