Educate Bobtail properly: That's important

His friendly nature makes the Bobtail not too difficult to train. His slight tendency to stubbornness, the Hütetrieb and his sensitivity make him but still not an absolute beginner dog.

It is important that you start working with your dog at an early age and make clear to him all the basic commands from the beginning. If you are too lenient with your puppy, you will have a hard time later.

Education of a Bobtail: Basics

When training a bobtail, it is important to keep the measure of things. Work with much peace and praise, because this sensitive dog can handle badly with hardness. Nevertheless, your dog must never doubt that you are the boss in the house. That your pet is naturally a bit stubborn in nature, you should also plan when you try to train with him commands. Also, his Hütetrieb could cause him from time to time not quite as fast and willing to cooperate, as you expect - if you lack the necessary experience, you should not be afraid to get a dog trainer to help.

Note special features of the breed

Keep in mind the size and temperament of these animals during education - even if they are so sweet, they could be intimidating to one or the other by their exuberance. That he listens very well to you is therefore important. Start early by learning that Bobtail will not jump at anyone. Many representatives of this breed like to do that.

If your dog barks, as soon as someone strangers in their garden or rings, you should not be surprised. As a four-legged friend with an innate herding and wakefulness, he simply has to announce unknown visitors to him. However, he would usually never become aggressive with them because he has a very friendly nature.

When educating, remember that all the commands you have trained your dog and its good socialization can only be effective if it is well utilized and treated appropriately and lovingly.

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