Bobtail: A smart, friendly dog

The Bobtail is known not only for its dense, fluffy fur dress, but also for its many nice features. One knows and loves him for a friendly, balanced nature, his temperament and the alertness.

The Bobtail is a balanced dog that pleases the whole family with its nice, attentive character. In addition, he is usually very fond of children and playful. You should definitely plan a lot of time for him.

A nice whirlwind: The Bobtail

The popular long-haired dog is very affectionate and strongly influenced by his family. Representatives of these breeds are known to express their affection for their favorite people as often as possible. Cuddling sessions can therefore happen just as often as the animals follow their owners everywhere.

His temperament shows the bobtail especially when playing. He is cheerful and jolly, loves long walks and likes to play outside. He is brave and looks good, but aggressiveness is not one of his qualities at all.

A dog that never gets bored

The smart bobtail learns fast and is therefore also very adept at agility and rehearsing tricks. Jobs where he can spend time with his owners and show his intelligence are just as important to him as play and fun.

As a dog bred for herding and driving, the Bobtail is also alert. Who wants to take care of his house and yard, can rely on him. Also typical of the dog are his sensitivity and stubbornness, which can sometimes come to the fore. He needs a good, professional and gentle dog training so that he always shows his best side and is a reliable partner in every respect.

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