Does dry food provide benefits for the dog?

Feeding wet or dry food, food leftovers, barbecues or self-cooking? There are many different ways to feed your dog. But not all methods are equally good and ensure a balanced diet of the four-legged friend. Learn here what benefits dry food for dogs can offer.

Among dog lovers there is disagreement over which diet is best for the animals. Dry food is particularly often criticized, as inferior products contain too many cheap fillers that your dog can not use, and are added to controversial additives such as flavor enhancers or dyes. Good dry food for dogs, however, can actually have its advantages.

Benefits of dry dog ​​food

Dry food, unlike wet food, has a lower moisture content, up to ten percent. Wet food comes to a water content of up to 70 percent. The lower moisture content of the dry food will mean that dogs will need a smaller amount to meet the same energy needs as a larger portion of wet food. But beware! These benefits only come into play when your dog drinks enough water - the fluid requirement is greatly increased by the greatly reduced moisture content in the food. If your four-legged friend does not balance this, it can lead to long-term kidney problems, bladder stones and constipation. He also eats larger portions than it is needed for his energy needs, obesity is the result.

Disagree are experts on whether dry food is good or bad for the teeth. Some claim that the consistency of the pellets makes it hard to chew off dental plaque during chewing and stimulate saliva production, preventing tartar and periodontitis. The others argue that chewing dry food creates a sticky porridge that sticks to the teeth and even favors calculus formation. The latter often advise Barfen as a tooth-friendly diet.

It probably depends on whether it is good dry food for dogs or not. A high proportion of cereal and, at worst, added sugars (or molasses, sugar beet pulp, glucose syrup and other hidden sweeteners) are bad for the teeth. If the food contains a lot of high-quality meat and no superfluous fillers and additives, it will not harm your teeth. More tips can be found in our guide "dog food: 5 ingredients that no dog needs".

Benefits of dry food for the dog owner

As a dog owner, you can benefit from the fact that dry food is easier to store than wet food. This can be an advantage, especially when traveling. In addition, the dry food has a longer shelf life due to the lower water content, so you can stock up in advance. In addition, dry food is often cheaper than wet food in the long term.

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