So you employ a senior dog age-appropriate

Varied employment is also very important for an old dog. Physical and mental workload in moderation demand and promote him, ensure that he remains fit and strengthen the relationship with his owner. Just make sure that everything is age appropriate.

As dogs get older, a lot changes for them: their muscles are breaking down, physical fitness is dwindling, and responsiveness may not be what it used to be. This does not mean that you have to do without dog sports, games and long walks - as long as you take it a little easier as an owner and pay attention to the needs of your four-legged friend.

Which sports are suitable for old dogs?

With an old dog you should pursue only dog ​​sports, which give him pleasure and which your veterinarian considers harmless. Track work is one of the many suitable ways to employ an old dog. This sport and employment style is easy to learn, fun and especially stressed the nose and head of your four-legged friend, but it does not strain him physically.

Fast-paced sports such as agility are usually no longer the right thing for old dogs - especially if they suffer from physical restrictions. But maybe your pet has spent a lifetime doing this sport and still enjoys it. Then you reduce your course to the light obstacles and leave out high-stress tasks such as jumps.

These games are also fun for the senior

The game units should also be made a bit quieter - wild retrieving games are no longer suitable for seniors. Quiet search games in the house or the dog walk, however, you can do with any dog: just hide a few treats that your dog must search. You can also store the snacks in a special toy, such as a feed ball.

Clicker training is also a nice way to keep old dogs busy. For home use is special intelligence toy that you get in the pet shop - for example, so-called Fummelbretter, where your dog with a few tricks and skilful paw movements can develop snacks.

Make beautiful walks

If your old dog is healthy, there is nothing wrong with continuing to take long walks with him or taking him on a bicycle. But keep a good eye on your four-legged friend - is it still fun for him or is he just trotting behind you? If the long distances put him to trouble, shorter laps are announced - maybe you can enjoy it with varied surroundings. If you take off with your car from time to time to explore a new walking area, you are sure to be happy with your loyal friend.

If you bring your four-legged friend on the bike, you should also buy a trailer. If your animal companion gets tired, he can rest in it for a while and still enjoy the fresh air.

More tips for the dog at the age

Keep in mind that even old dogs enjoy escorting their owners everywhere, just like in the past - to the office, for example. Design your sleeping place there with a soft, warm dog blanket suitable for your age and, if necessary, think about the purchase of an orthopedic dog bed.

If you are not sure what your old dog can and can not do, ask your veterinarian and keep a close eye on your pet. They know it best and look at it when it is overwhelmed.

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