Overweight: Benefits of a diet for fat cats

Cats with overweight do not bother with their reflection †"a few kilos too much make them optically unlike many people optically nothing. However, overweight in cats affects the quality of life, which often can only be restored with diet. Read more about the benefits of weight loss.

Overweight is no longer a rarity in cats these days. If you also have a bum at home, it pays to think about a diet. The benefits of such are versatile.

Health: Lean cats live longer

Most veterinarians agree: Lean cats live longer. This is mainly due to the fact that slim or normal-weight velvet paws over the years have less to fight with health problems that are caused or influenced by overweight. For example, obesity has a negative impact on joints, metabolism and the cardiovascular system. Also, diabetes in cats is favored by a superficial bacon coat. In particular, old cats sometimes suffer greatly from various conditions caused by being overweight.

More quality of life through more life-activity

Although overweight cats do not regret that they do not look as slim and lithe as other cats, in certain situations they feel frustration associated with the overweight body. If you find it difficult to clean your body, because too much bacon is getting in the way, or if the elegant jump on the windowsill does not kill you, it can be frustrating.

Even in clashes with other, less fat cats, the overweight usually has the disadvantage. These and other limitations will affect your mind over time and may even lead to depression in cats.

For tips on how overweight cats lose their weight, see our guide "How to fight cat overweight" and the more extensive links under this article.

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