Obesity after cat castration: how to prevent

If you decide for a castration of your cat, there is a lot to consider after the procedure: Above all, overweight should be avoided. With a few simple steps, you will ensure that your velvet paw does not grow unchecked.

Castration has become a routine procedure for many veterinarians. But for your pet, the OP also has consequences that are not related to the ability to get offspring: The behavioral changes are expressed most strongly when eating. Many cats fight after a castration with a stronger feeling of hunger - if you are not careful as a holder, it quickly results in overweight.

Why do cats tend to be overweight after castration?

Both cats and hangovers simply develop a bigger appetite after castration. In the case of males, feed intake increases by 26 percent within two days of surgery - 18 percent in cats. At the same time, however, the energy demand of the Stubentiger drops by almost 30 percent. Obesity is almost inevitable if you are not careful as a keeper. The fact that the four-legged friends now need less energy than before castration, is partly because they can now live more stress-free, because they no longer have to constantly search for a sexual partner. In addition, castrated animals are no longer so active. They simply eat because there is food - so you have to intervene regulatively. This is especially true when feeding.

No eating out of boredom!

Keep an eye on the weight of your beloved pet in the time after surgery and weigh your velvet paw regularly. This is noticed early, if the cat gains weight. Measure the amount of food exactly and distribute it throughout the day in smaller portions - so your darling develops no cravings and gets used to a well-defined diet. Treats do not have to be completely canceled, but here too it is important to keep track.

And finally, as a responsible cat owner, you should provide the right exercise program to avoid overweight. Encourage the play instinct of your stub tiger and actively engage with your pet. This is fun for humans and animals, giving your pet a reason to move around and burn calories.

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