Teach barking on command: That's how it works

Constant barking is of course not wanted in a dog, barking on command, however, already. But how does one manage to teach the four-legged friend that he should only sound out loud?

Before you start teaching your dog to bark on command, one of the requirements should be met: that you've gotten rid of it in the apartment. If so, you can start training.

Barking on command: Reward, reward, reward

It's best to go outside for this training. There you wait until your dog barks. To achieve this, you can, for example, hold his favorite toy in front of his nose or even a treat. He will want that and surely will start barking. Use this moment to give an acoustic command such as "Bell" or "Gib Laut". It is best to repeat the command several times.

Afterwards you have to reward him for it. You can do that by leaving him the favorite toy or the treat. Gradually, you can then omit the toy and the treat, so that the animal learns to sound alone at the command. You can then reward him with a detailed petting unit.

Also important: The command "Ruh"

Of course, you must be careful that your dog stops barking again. You can train this by saying the command "Ruh". By the time he understands this assignment, just hold his muzzle carefully until he stops.

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