How to combat obesity in the cat

Obesity in the cat should be tackled as soon as possible, because a too thick cat lives permanently unhealthy. In addition to healthy cat nutrition, the cat owner often has to use a few small tricks to make his leisurely salon lions boil.

If a cat is to be put on a diet, it is important that the veterinarian initially excludes health reasons for the overweight of the velvet paw. If he considers a diet to be sensible, he can provide the owner with home-made special food or nutritional tips as needed. In addition, he will discuss tailored feeding recommendations with him, because it is very important not to suddenly put the cat on zero diet!

With high-quality food in moderation against overweight

What a chubby tuber needs to lose weight, is a good, balanced feed with low fat and sugar content, high meat content and valuable additives. Slowly turn it around. First, you should always mix a little of it with some of its normal feed. The proportion of new food should increase, until the cat finally gets used to it and only needs the new food. This slow change is important so that the cat is not completely deterred by possible intolerances equal to the new diet food.

Play and exercise instead of treat

Weigh the food for your cat to keep the diet plan under control. Treats and other gifts, which have received the quirky velvet paw before in between, should first fall away, or (in moderation) to be worked out. Throw them and chase your cat, or make a fumble board to hide some extra snacks.

Varied game ideas are just in demand for home cats to bring them successfully on track. Bring your cat a nice new spring toy, or fill a box of rustling newsprint to look for something. Balls also work wonders for most cats - it is important not always to do the same thing, because then the velvet paw quickly becomes boring!

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