Treatment of dermal fungus in dogs

As soon as you suspect skin fungus in dogs, you should urgently take the affected quadrupeds to the vet. The specialist should then start treatment as soon as possible.

The treatment of skin fungus in dogs is relatively tedious. This is mainly because your pet must be tested several times negative for the pathogen, Microsporum canis. That's the only way you can be sure that your dog is really cured of the disease.

Drug treatment of the fungus

You should urgently go to the veterinarian if you suspect an infection with skin fungus in your four-legged friend. He prescribes appropriate medication that the little patient has to take for six to eight weeks. The treatment is also possible externally: The affected areas of skin fungus in dogs are washed in the coat with special means and creamed. After four weeks, the small patient must be tested for the first time on the pathogen. Even if the test is negative, another one has to be done after four weeks for safety reasons.

Skin fungus in dogs: Disinfection is the nuts and bolts

Skin fungus or Microsporum canis is highly contagious. The pathogen is transmitted via direct skin contact as well as furniture and objects such as blankets or brushes. So in addition to the treatment you should disinfect any furniture, places or things that the infected quadruped has touched. For this you should wash it at a high temperature and possibly subject it to chlorine bleach. You should make sure that no other household members are infected.

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