Companion dog test: Requirements for participation

In a companion dog test, the dog is tested for his behavior in everyday life: how relaxed is he on the road? How does he relate to humans and animals and what about his obedience? For the test, the dog must be at least 15 months old and have already learned a lot.

In a companion dog test, dogs are tested for their behavior in a variety of everyday situations. Such a test can serve the dog owner as a control - it still hapert in some places with the dog training, he realizes what he still has to work on. If everything goes well, he knows that he can rely on his dog in a variety of situations.

In addition, he is allowed to take part in competitions and further examinations after successful completion of the test with his four-legged friend. But what requirements does a dog have to fulfill in order to complete a companion dog exam?

Companion dog test: Requirements for the dog

First of all, it is important that your dog is chipped or tattooed - if he is not, he may not take the exam. In addition, he must listen to you well, without aids: toys and treats must not be taken with the test and brutal aids such as spiked collars are of course not allowed. Your dog should be able to be guided with a normal collar, a loose chain collar or a harness. If he has to wear a muzzle, he must not miss the exam.

It is also of great importance that your four-legged friend masters certain basic commands such as "off", "seat", "place" or "come" safely, because these are queried in the exam. In addition, your pet with and without a leash should listen to you well and bring the necessary serenity of a reliable companion.

The most important prerequisites for the companion dog test at a glance:

• Dog must be chipped or tattooed

• Dog must be able to hear you without aids

• Dog must be guided with collar or harness

• Dog must be able to muzzle if he needs one

• Dog must be able to follow all common basic commands

• Dog must be good with and without leash

Course of the companion dog test according to a fixed scheme

The examination in the so-called subordinate part is usually held according to a fixed scheme, which is structured as follows:

• Walking with and without leash

• Easy walking through a group of people

• Sitting exercises and taking off in connection with coming

• turns, stops and tempo changes

• Ablegeübung, without leash at a distance of 30 paces to the dog owner with simultaneous distraction

It will also check if your four-legged friend behaves in a friendly and easy manner to specific groups of road users, including cyclists and joggers. More about the course of the companion dog test can be found here:

There are also a few conditions for humans

To go with your four-legged friend in the companion dog test, the dog owner must already be of age and provide proof of competence for dog sport exams before the test. For this, he must answer a written questionnaire to prove his knowledge in various areas around the dog and his attitude. For example, general knowledge about dogs and their behavior, typical diseases and housing conditions, legal regulations and dog sports are in demand. If the owner passes the test, he may start his companion dog test with his pet.

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