Buy Beagle: This is important when buying

The Beagle is a small, robust and compact dog that was originally bred for hunting in the pack. Before you buy a beagle, you should be aware that the cute dog with floppy ears does not like to be alone and used to company. What else you can pay attention to before and during the purchase, you can find out here.

Beagle are usually very nice and happy dogs that are wonderful as family dogs. However, they need a lot of work and a consistent education to feel well. In principle, if you can spend time, there's nothing wrong with buying a beagle.

Does the beagle suit you?

The character of the Beagle is considered friendly, but quite obstinate. The dogs are very intelligent and able to learn, but not necessarily willing to learn at all times, as they tend to be a bit stubborn. Nonetheless, it is one of the beagles' racial standards that it shows no signs of aggression or aggression and is also not fearful. Bred as a hunting dog, he is very lively and lively. He was formerly used for hunting in the pack and his main task was to track tracks with his nose. Although today he is not only a hunting dog, but also a wonderful family dog, he still loves using his excellent sense of smell to follow the trail. He is also used to having company.

A beagle will suit you when you are ready to treat it regularly and not leave it alone too long - so spend a lot of time on it. Not only does he feel comfortable with other Beagle, he also usually gets along with other dog breeds and humans. You can also combine it with non-dogs, for example, cats. His intelligence can playfully train you to nose work, but he also enjoys agility or obedience training. Dog Dancing and other dog sports also delight the little dog. A little dog experience is in the beagle education advantage because he quickly enforces his thick-headed without loving, but consistent guidance.

Buy Beagle: Only from responsible breeding

If you have decided to buy a beagle, take your time to find a good dog breeder. Visit several Beagle breeders and ask them questions. So you can also check again if the Beagle really suits you. Pay attention to the condition of the puppies and their home: do they look healthy, playful, curious and well-groomed? Is your environment clean and dog friendly? In addition, a serious breeder does not give his puppies without a purchase contract and is interested in where he sends his "charges". So do not be surprised if you too are asked questions.

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