Beagle: health and nutrition of the little floppy ear

The beagle is usually considered a robust dog, that is, race-related diseases are quite rare. Nevertheless, the health of the beagle, for example, may suffer from non-species-appropriate diet, lack of exercise and mistakes in attitude.

Responsible Beagle breeders take care to mate only healthy parents so as to avoid possible hereditary diseases. Unfortunately, that can not be completely ruled out. Overall, however, the small hounds are not as prone to certain health problems as the pug. What you need to look out for, so that your darling stays healthy, fit and happy for as long as possible, you can find out here:

Check the health of the beagle floppy ears regularly

The most sensitive part of the Beagles are his floppy ears. The drooping ears unfortunately provide an ideal breeding ground for mites and other parasites. In addition, sniffing in tall grass or on fields and meadows can easily catch awns or other foreign bodies in the ears and nest in them. If the foreign bodies are not discovered in good time and removed gently, ear infections are the result. So it's important that you check every day to see if your four-legged friend's fine. After the walk, it is best to check whether plant parts or pieces of dirt have hanged on the Beaglelauscher and remove them. If a foreign body has already lodged in your ear, you should go to the veterinarian and do not try to remove it yourself with cotton swabs or tweezers. In the end, push the uninvited guest deeper or the beagle turns its head away and you slip off.

The following symptoms indicate that something is wrong with the ears of your Beagles:

  • ● Inclined head
  • ● Frequent shaking of the head
  • ● scratching the ear
  • ● Conspicuous pain sensitivity in the ears
  • ● redness, scratched wounds and / or scabs
  • ● Black-eared earwax can be seen during ear control (mites)
  • ● Yellowish, purulent or brownish discharge from the ears

Are there typical hereditary diseases in the Beagle?

Careful genetic tests and stringent breeding requirements have led to hereditary diseases being rare in the Beagle. Nevertheless, it may be that a certain genetic defect is not revealed in the parent animals and then passed on. This applies, for example, to the so-called factor VII deficiency, which leads to a slight to moderate bleeding tendency. Most of the time, however, the coagulation inhibition is so mild that even during surgery or pregnancy there is no undue danger to the beagle. Occasionally the "Imerslund-Gräsbeck syndrome" (IGS) is inherited; Affected dogs can not properly ingest dietary vitamin B12, which can lead to brain and nerve damage. A timely test provides clarity and opens up the possibility of adding vitamin B12 in addition. Then the little four-legged friends can still lead a healthy life.

In addition, beagle can have the so-called hound ataxia. The spinal cord is attacked so that movement disorders, spastic paralysis and limited reflexes of the skin follow. Although this is not painful for your dog, he still needs medication in an emergency and a little help in everyday life. The eye disease glaucoma has also been observed frequently in the beagle. Intraocular pressure is elevated and the condition can lead to pain and blindness. Be sure to go to the veterinarian with your Schnuffel when his pupils dilate, the cornea becomes cloudy or the eyes redden.

Beagle diet: Leckermaul tends to overweight

Beagle are never averse to a treat, they are even considered to be eating away. Therefore, you should keep a careful eye on the diet and feed rations of your cold-blooded sweet tooth so your floppy ear does not get too fat. Fixed meal times and carefully weighed portions help with this; It is best to ask your veterinarian for the right amount and composition of the dog food. Treats can be used for upbringing, but then subtract the calories of the reward treats from the portion sizes of regular meals. In order not to tempt your impudent son, you should also prefer to leave no food on the table or in the kitchen unattended and within reach of the Beagles. Incidentally, the dogs are very smart when they smell a treat, as Beagle Lucy shows in the video:

Spiritual health of the beagle: Society and employment important

Movement is also necessary so that your loach mouth does not suffer from being overweight. As a rule, the curious pimples are enthusiastic about dog sports such as agility or dog dancing. Movement is also important for the healthy dog ​​soul of your Knuffels, because Beagle are quite smart and headstrong, so you get bored with too little employment quickly. Furthermore, you should not keep Beagle alone, as the sweeties were originally bred to hunt in the pack and love the company of other dogs. As single dogs, the lively four-legged friends quickly become lonely and sad.

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