Basset Hound: That's his character

The Basset Hound is a good-natured, lively and child-friendly dog. Who decides for this four-legged friend and educates him well, has in him a loyal family dog.

A Basset Hound is perfectly suited as a family dog: Even if he looks so sadly into the world, this dog is a little happy nature: Lively, playful and happy in society, these characteristics characterize his character. His hunting instinct is especially pronounced. An inheritance left to him when he was still used for rabbit and rabbit hunting. But the character of this dog characterize even more features that make it a good companion.

Basset Hound: Patient, loyal and fond of children

Thanks to his good-natured nature, a Basset Hound can get along with everyone, including children. Even if they pull him rudely to his sweet ears, he usually takes it patiently. His affection, however, he expresses rarely, a nipple with the snout is already a small proof of love with him. But nevertheless: Who this dog has once closed in his heart, he is faithful.

A small dickhead

Despite its kind nature, the Basset Hound is a very stubborn dog. He tends to stubbornness and is sometimes a small stubborn. A quality that does not make his education easy. It is best to educate him in a playful way and to use his intelligence. If the education succeeds, you have a sweet faithful companion.

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