Basenji: What needs to be considered in the attitude

When keeping a Basenjis you have to consider several important points. The dog, for example, needs a lot of runners and owners who are well versed with this breed of dog and its peculiarities.

Who holds a Basenji, must be aware that this dog has a very strong hunting instinct. During the walk, he is not only alert and curious, but can also make himself independent, if he scents an exciting track. Always keeping a good eye on him and possibly leading him on a towline is important.

High employment need

The Basenji needs a lot of exercise to be busy. Race is one of his favorite pastimes. Getting him to town is usually not a good idea - providing him with species-appropriate conditions that meet his running and employment needs is difficult.

The Basenji in the house

In the house, the Basenji is a quiet, unobtrusive contemporary, which is characterized by little odor, little hair loss and a great cleanliness. However, he needs a lot of time with his owners and does not like to be alone. Constantly spending time with a dog sitter is not optimal for the dog, as he binds himself strongly to his owners, but can do little with strangers and cool and rather dismissive reacts to them.

Other features in the attitude

Taking care of the house is self-evident for this self-reliant, watchful dog. Take care if you leave him unattended in the garden: The four-legged friend is known for taking on independent small tours. Secure your garden so well to avoid outbreak attempts.

What dogs of this breed do not tolerate so well, is cold. You should be used to it carefully and may be protected in winter with a cuddly dog ​​coat.

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