Basenji: Character of the African hunting dog

The Basenji belongs to a lively, intelligent dog breed. A great self-confidence also determines his character. What you can look forward to with the interesting dog from Africa, read here.

The Basenji has an exciting, multi-faceted character. As self-confident as he is, he is also calm and usually presents himself as a loving, but not very simple family animal.

Such is his character as a family dog

The Basenji is sweet and loyal to its owners. He likes to be close to her and he does not like being alone. Strangers find the quadruped altogether rather uninteresting and can show them reserved to them. He is usually obedient, but something for dog connoisseurs who know how sensitive the dog is, and that a harsh treatment intimidates him or makes him stubborn. Stubbornness can sometimes come to his fore.

Inside, the African breed dog is rather inconspicuous. He is very clean for a dog and by his unobtrusive nature something for people who like quiet dogs. He is vigilant and takes good care of himself, but he rarely announces guests or strangers by barking. For him to be on the right, when someone enters the garden, is natural for him.

The Basenji: When walking a lively dog ​​with hunting drive

The petite, Spitz-like dog is an avid nature lover. Who goes out with him, will experience his character lively and curious. His joy of movement is considerable and his enthusiasm for the hunt is not to be forgotten. Even if he is obedient to himself, it can be a challenge to keep this quadruped in good condition under control.

In addition, the Basenji is a highly intelligent four-legged friends, who quickly understands and makes independent decisions. Challenging employment is extremely important for the smart dog to feel comfortable.

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