Borzoi: Tips for dog ownership

The Borzoi feels particularly comfortable in the attitude of active people. Anyone who is out and about with the sporty dog ​​and can educate him well and let him run properly every day, does him a great favor.

As a greyhound the Borzoi is of course a passionate runner and is pleased because of his high intelligence about employment for the head. In addition, the family connection is very important to the friendly, affectionate dog, so a mix of both is perfect for him.

The Borzoi: Quiet in the house, fast on the walk

Although the Borzoi is leisurely and well-balanced in the house, it needs a bit more space just for its size. He enjoys a lot of exercise and walks, where he can run properly - just run on a leash, does not meet his needs. Neither for the housing nor for the city, so he is really suitable.

When walking with the Borzoi should definitely be considered his hunting instinct. With his extremely sharp eyes, he perceives movement on the horizon much faster than his owners, who should always keep an eye on him.

More tips for attitude

In addition to the regular, long spout the Borzoi also needs a lot of work for the brains. So he is well kept by owners who have a lot of time for him. His beautiful long and fine coat should be brushed regularly so that it retains its neat appearance.

It is best to comb your dog thoroughly every day or every other day. A balanced, healthy food keeps the big four-legged healthy and healthy and regular veterinary visits for vaccinations and health checks should also not be neglected.

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