Barf for the cat: How to feed properly

The barf principle is based on the diet of raw meat. There are a few important basic rules to help you feed your cat properly, and because of the change in diet, there are no deficiencies. If you take these into account, you can contribute with Barf to the natural development of your velvet paw.

The term "Barf" is an abbreviation for "Organic Naturally Good Raw Feeding". The nutrition concept is an attempt to get as close as possible to the natural diet of a wild cat. With raw meat alone, however, it is not done at the bar - well-founded knowledge of the dietary habits and nutritional needs of cats are inevitable, so as not to do anything wrong in the raw feeding.

The right barf food for cats

Although you can also feed animals such as chicks, mice or rats, but usually comes at Baref raw muscle meat in the bowl. The food animals must have been specially bred for the cat nutrition, so that they contain all the necessary nutrients - which is associated with great effort, caution and careful selection of sources. When feeding with raw meat, keep in mind that not only can you cut some meat and give it to your cat. There are still missing important minerals and vitamins, especially taurine.

These are supplemented by admixing so-called supplements. These include offal such as spleen, kidney, brain and liver as well as bone and fish - offal, bones and fish alone are not recommended at the bar, as the nutrient composition is then no longer true. In addition, supplements are also offered as powders and drops that either contain individual nutrients or, as a ready-made mix, already combine all the vitamins and minerals that a healthy cat needs to live.

Fertigbarf: What is important?

In addition, there is so-called Fertigbarf, where raw meat is already mixed with all the necessary supplements. This has the advantage that also barf beginners with the right Fertigbarf can not do much wrong. But it also has the disadvantage that Fertigbarf is not always of high quality and is difficult for laymen to see through whether the food is really optimal for cats. Be sure to pay attention to an exact declaration on the ingredients list of the product. In addition to muscle meat and offal and bone should be included as well as taurine.

The ingredients and analysis values ​​must be exactly broken down and labeled, anything that sounds inaccurate or generic should make you skeptical. In addition, rice, potatoes or pasta have lost nothing in the barf, as well as fruit, vegetable oils, seeds and nuts. The vegetable share may not exceed a share of 5 percent. Attention: Finished barf is occasionally offered for dogs and cats - the four-legged friends, however, have a different nutritional needs than your cat. Dog food is unsuitable for cats in the long term.

Is the raw feeding harmless?

If you are carefully informed in advance about what your cat needs, Barf is relatively safe. When in doubt, get informed in advance by a veterinarian who is well versed in cat nutrition, or a barf dietician for cats. It is important that you never feed raw pork or wild boar meat. The background is that in pork the so-called Aujeszky's virus can be found, which is fatal to your cat.

Healthy, adult cats can otherwise handle germs such as salmonella. Nevertheless, careful hygiene when handling barf food is indispensable in order to minimize the risk of illness. Wash hands thoroughly before and after preparation, rinse bowl and cookware thoroughly and hot enough. In addition, it makes sense to use different knives and cutting pads for barf and for your own food - people can not ward off Salmonella as well as cats.

How to feed barf beginner properly

Your cat does not know that you want to do her any good with the barf and will probably begin by reacting suspiciously to the food change. Therefore, proceed carefully and initially feed mainly the usual cat food. For beginners, it is recommended to give 80 percent nor the usual food and to feed 20 percent raw meat without supplements. In this way, you do not have to weigh and measure anything for the conversion, but you can already get used to the taste of raw meat.

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