Balljunkie: dog to become addicted to addictive behavior

Once the dog has become a ball junkie, you can not easily relieve his addictive behavior. It is not impossible, but it requires a lot of patience and care. The following tips will help you to make your four-legged friend rest and enjoy life without playing ball.

For a ball junkie the ball itself is not the real problem, but the rushing and slaying of the "booty". If you want to get rid of addictive behavior, it is not enough to throw another toy. The inner balance of your four-legged friend must be learned anew.

A ball junkie remains a ball junkie: Abandoning with "cold withdrawal"

Dogs who have become ball junkie can be compared with addicted people - such as alcoholics. They can no longer learn a healthy, moderate handling of ball games and hunt games, but the addictive behavior is too out of control. It always has to be reckoned with a relapse into old, addictive patterns of behavior, if one lets a Balljunkie balls or other objects rush. To omit such games altogether in the future, corresponds to a so-called cold withdrawal, which can also help alcoholics, smokers and drug-addicted people to get away from the addiction. Balljunkies makes less of a physical dependence on certain substances, but to create a mental dependency. Fixing them is equally difficult for humans and animals - but not impossible.

Her dog-addicted dog is in constant stress because he's constantly on the lookout for fast-moving objects that he can rush and is in constant hunting readiness, so to speak. He can not think about anything else, everything else does not matter to him. For the owner is also a burden, because the relationship with the four-legged friends suffering from the addictive behavior, a great human-dog-friendship is not possible and the ball junkie has become unpredictable. The total abandonment of ball and hitting games is the only way for affected dogs to come to rest and learn that there are other beautiful things as the ball in life.

Dog alternatives to play ball

However, the "cold withdrawal" alone is not enough to be able to get rid of a ball junkie addictive behavior. If ball play suddenly ceases and your dog has no substitute, it will not relieve his stress and he will look for substitute satisfaction on his own - in the worst case, chase the cat away from neighbors or drive cars behind and risk a traffic accident. If you want to permanently relieve your dog's ballplaying obsession, you should offer him alternatives that give him pleasure, but do not incite him, but let it settle down. Training methods and games where he needs to focus and use his senses, as well as tasks that strengthen the relationship with you, are ideal.

Keep in mind that dogs do not have to be spotted all day - they usually rest for 18 to 20 hours a day, sleeping or sleeping peacefully. So you do not need to occupy it for more than four to six hours, even less, since in between, it also eats, goes for a walk or enjoys grooming. The rest of the time, you can do nose work with him in small training sessions, play search games and intelligence games, try obedience training or quiet device work. Lunging with the dog is also a great and quiet way to improve the trust and understanding between humans and animals as well as the concentration ability of the dog. Do you feel overwhelmed with this task alone, do not hesitate to seek help from a professional, specialized dog trainer or animal psychologist.

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