Bale injury to the dog: This is how it can arise

A bale injury in the dog is particularly annoying because it usually heals only slowly and can be very painful for your four-legged friend. If you know how such wounds can occur, you can easily prevent a bale injury.

The bales correspond to the dog's human palm. But unlike us, he puts all his weight on it. Therefore, injury in this area is particularly hindering for all four-legged friends. Most commonly, a bale injury occurs when your dog steps on sharp objects, such as shards, tin cans or sharp-edged stones on the road. Depending on how deep the cut is, the wound can bleed heavily and should be taken care of by the veterinarian. Sometimes the object itself is still stuck in the bale and causes the dog problems while running. That should be a veterinary look.

Ballenverletzung by long running

Not only sharp objects, even long running on asphalt can lead to a bale injury. This can happen especially if you are on a long bike or on foot and your four-legged friend is running alongside you all the time. In this case, you should immediately stop the walk or bike ride and rinse your companion's paws at home with cold water. Then a paw shoe ensures that the bale can heal.

Other cause: Common licking on the paw

Sore bales can also occur when your dog licks his paws permanently. Reasons for this may be objects between the toes, such as small thorns, or allergy-related itching. In this case you can use a sock to keep your dog from licking his paws and in the worst case to get a bale injury. Then you should consult the vet as soon as possible.

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