Secure balcony with cat net: tips

If you want to give your children a change, they can gain access to the balcony. However, the safety of the pet should not be neglected: Secure the balcony, loggia or roof terrace with a cat net. Find out here what to pay attention to here.

If you want to attach a cat net to your balcony, you should first ask your landlord or the property manager for permission. This has the right to ban the installation of a catnet. It is enough if, from their point of view, the façade is aesthetically impaired by the protection.

In addition, you should first inquire whether and in which parts of the masonry you are allowed to drill, for example, to attach hooks or other components.

Choose the right catnet

Depending on whether you have a free-standing balcony, a floor balcony or a loggia, you must choose the right mounting system to ensure the safety of your velvet paw. When choosing the cat net, you should also make sure to choose the correct mesh size. For young and slim cats, a mesh size of three to four centimeters is recommended. Heavily built and older cats usually also provide sufficient security for five centimeters.

In addition to the correct mesh size, stability is a crucial factor in favor of or against a particular catnet. There are the following models:

● Wire-reinforced nets that are particularly robust and therefore suitable for active cats.

● Normal or tear-resistant cat nets without wire reinforcement. For not particularly agile cats, however, they are usually sufficient.

● Transparent cat nets that are not wire-reinforced and have only a small amount of twine. Therefore, they are not suitable for climbing cats.

In addition to these criteria, you should still pay attention to whether the catnet is declared by the manufacturer as UV-resistant and tear-resistant, in order to have as long as possible from the catnet.

Safety: Installation tips for the catnet

The best way to fix a cat net depends on the conditions of your balcony and the chosen mounting system. Basically, however, you should pay attention to the following tips: The net should always reach to the very edge of the balcony. Some Stubentiger use even the smallest gap to go on a curious exploration tour. Therefore, especially at the lateral edges, make sure that the cat net is well fastened.

With a railing made of grids, it should in any case reach down to the ground and be weighted with a wooden or metal strip. So that your tiger tiger does not climb over the cat net, it should reach to the ceiling or the next balcony above yours. For detached balconies, it is advisable to attach another net over the balcony.

For the most part: The right catnet for your balcony

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