Balinese: That's how the beautiful cat feels

The Balinese is a very active cat. Her attitude should be well attuned to her lively character. In a large apartment or house, she is usually in good hands.

If you let a Balinese move in you should be prepared for the fact that a lot of life comes into the house. The playful girl is not really quiet. It takes you to be happy:

Posture with lots of space and climbing fun

If you would like to purchase a Balinese, you should have enough space and be sure to plan beforehand that this cat will climb onto a shelf and inquire very carefully. She needs big, extensive climbing opportunities, because she is ready to let off steam as she is. In addition, she finds warm places great and, if available, will likely be found frequently on heater beds, lambskins and other cuddly sleeping arrangements.

The Balinese needs a lot of company

This cat is a fan of a lot of attention. So you should have plenty of time for your pet and expect that she would like to share in family life. If possible, do not keep the beautiful, elegant cat alone, but with a second cat. Make sure that this velvet paw is friendly, but also strong and dominant. Your animal partner should be equal to her and fit her in terms of temperament. In addition, the cats should be accustomed to each other from the beginning, because the Balinese tends to jealousy when it comes to sharing their people.

Cat with easy-care coat

Simply brush your cat's brushes once or twice a week with the pats. In principle, the Balinese is easy to care for, because their coat is not provided with a lower coat. Incidentally, the lack of undercoat also explains her special preference for warm places, because she freezes quickly.

She does not get along very well with a cold, humid climate - so she is not the ideal outdoor cat. That being said, it's usually very sturdy.

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